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Other Programs


An educational program for expectant families in Hillsborough County provided through Champions for Children.  The abcProgram offers three classes designed to help women and their partners through their pregnancy, childbirth and infant parenting experience.

How do I enroll in the abcProgram?

Classes are available at no cost to those enrolled in the Healthy Start Program, however there is a fee for those not enrolled. Click here for for classes on childbirth, breastfeeding, and newborn care.


Black Infant Health Practice Initiative (BIHPI)

A community movement that aims to raise awareness of racial disparities in infant mortality and educate families and communities on how to protect themselves and their infants. BIHPI’s mission is to eliminate health disparities in Black infant deaths in Florida.

How can I get involved with Black Infant Health Practice Initiative (BIHPI)?

We encourage you to become an advocate for BIHPI and its initiatives.
Learn more by visiting REACHUP  Join us as we fight to save the lives of babies in our community.


The Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR)

This committee is a team of local medical and social service professionals who review instances of fetal deaths to discover underlying causes and make recommendations for prevention programming.


Interconceptional Care (ICC)

The term used to describe a woman’s health before a baby is conceived. When women are healthy prior to pregnancy, they can give themselves and their children the best chance at a healthy life.

How do I find more information on Interconceptional Care?

Resources for all your informational needs about women’s health between pregnancies is available at the website at To schedule a training, call 813-233-2800.


Zero Exposure Project (ZEP)

A community partnership project between many organizations in Hillsborough County that work to provide pregnant women with comprehensive services to have healthy babies.

ZEP’s work involves community collaboration, increased education, targeted outreach, and screening, assessment and treatment for substance using pregnant women.

ZEP’s goal is that Hillsborough County will be a community where every child is born substance free and lives in a family that promotes healthy growth and development.

The Zero Exposure Project offers:

  • Community education about the dangerous impact of alcohol, tobacco and drug use during pregnancy
  • Professional trainings and resources to the medical staff in OB/GYN and pediatric offices
  • Toll-free hotline 1-877-233-5656 for pregnant women
  • Trainings and education for social workers, high school and college students

How do I find more information on the Zero Exposure Project?

Resources and events are available on the website at
To schedule a training, call 813-233-2800


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