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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to become and stay healthy?
Be sure to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally by following a few simple guidelines:

  1. Eat a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet.
  2. Take vitamins. Women need to be sure the multivitamin has folic acid.
  3. Exercise regularly.
  4. Limit caffeine and alcohol.
  5. Stop smoking.
  6. Protect yourself against STDs.
  7. Schedule regular check-ups with your doctor.
  8. Seek help if you feel unsafe in your home.
  9. Manage stress and get plenty of rest.

What should I do if I’m pregnant?
In order to keep you and your baby healthy, follow these few guidelines:

  1. Make an appointment for your first prenatal visit.
  2. Get regular prenatal care.
  3. Eat a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet for you and your baby.
  4. Take prenatal vitamins with folic acid.
  5. Do not take medications without consulting your doctor first.
  6. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.
  7. Manage stress and get plenty of rest.

As an expectant father what should I do to support the mother of my unborn baby?

  1. Support her by letting her know how much you love and appreciate her.
  2. Make sure she gets regular prenatal care.
  3. Help her eat a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet.

Why is prenatal care important?
It’s important to get early and regular prenatal care even if you feel fine because most problems, if caught early, can be corrected before they become serious.

What should I expect at my first prenatal visit?
Your first visit usually takes the longest.  Your provider will collect the following information:

  1. Medical History
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Weight and Height
  4. Blood Test (checking your blood type and looking for anemia, sickle cell, hepatitis, syphilis, and HIV)
  5. Urine Test (checking for diabetes, protein, and infection)
  6. Physical Exam
  7. Breast Exam
  8. Pelvic Exam

What should I expect at other prenatal visits?
After the first prenatal appointment, your visits should be much shorter.  Write down any questions you or your partner may have and take the list with you to your visit. At these visits, your health care provider will check symptoms you have been experiencing and collect the following information:

  1. Blood Pressure
  2. Weight
  3. Blood Test
  4. Urine Test
  5. Baby’s Growth (by measuring the size of the uterus / or doing an ultrasound if needed)
  6. Baby’s Position in your uterus
  7. Baby’s Heartbeat
  8. Baby’s Movements

How do I enroll in the Healthy Start Program?
As soon as you think you may be pregnant, schedule a visit with your obstetrician or health care provider. During this initial visit, ask for the Healthy Start Prenatal Risk Screen. This is a simple one-page questionnaire that is completed by you and your medical provider. The answers to these questions are kept confidential and are used only to provide the best possible care for you and your baby.  Pregnant women and new moms can also sign up by calling 813-307-8016.

How do I enroll in Healthy Families Hillsborough?
Healthy Families is a voluntary, home visiting program for pregnant women or families with a newborn less than two weeks of age. Families are asked to commit to weekly home visits for the first six months and can remain in the program up to five years.  The program serves families living in specific zip codes in Hillsborough County.  For more information, call 813-233-2800.

A family can be referred to the program by completing the Healthy Families Community Referral for eligibility interview.  Please do not refer a family if they have an active, open HKI involvement or an open investigation that will likely result in an out-of-home placement of the infant.

How do I sign-up for MomCare?
MomCare offers information on free insurance coverage for pregnant women. Call MomCare directly at 813-233-2964.

Who can visit Children’s Board Family Resource Centers?
Any individual or family can participate. All classes and services are offered at no cost to participants.  Visit the website at to find classes and events at each Center

How do I find out about the ZIKA Virus
CDC Website Link

CDC Advisory 8-1-16

Florida Department of Health

Safe Travel Mosquito Bite Protection

How do I get a crib from Beds 4 Babies?
Referrals for Beds 4 Babies can come from a hospital social worker, Healthy Start or Healthy Families staff.  You must complete a Healthy Start Prenatal screen, Healthy Start Infant Screen or the Healthy Start or Healthy Families Initial Contact.  For more information, call 813-233-2800

How do I find more information on Interconceptional Care?
To schedule a training, call 813-233-2800, Ext. 137.

How do I find more information about Safe Baby?
Resources and education on how to keep your baby safe are available on the website at  To schedule a training, call 813-233-2800.


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