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What Healthy Families Has Meant to Me:

I’m honored to say that this program has been such a positive part of my and my kid’s lives. It’s bittersweet reaching the end. I’ve learned so much! How to manage time, creating stability for my children, getting involved with community functions. It’s been a blessing having Lourdes there every step of my kid’s growing process, having all the answers to all my questions, and solutions to my problems. Lourdes has been more than professional, she’s been a great friend and part of our growing lives.

Yessenia, mother of twins  Isaiah & Jeremiah

I love what they do for families to help them understand their baby and how to have a better bond with your kids. I love all the learning I have done with Ms. Yomika. She’s like a mom to me. If I had to do it all again I would. Ms. Yomika met me when I was down and out in my life but she never gave up on me. I thank her for being with me.

Shatia, mother of Jovanny

They have taught me so much and showed me a lot of responsibilities that parents will experience. Since I am a first time parent, it really helped me out during stressful and confusing moments. I’m very happy for the service I received. Thank you so much Healthy Families!

Javacia, mother of Javiel

Healthy Families has been wonderful to my family and has been an important part of my kid’s growth and development. I am grateful for the program.

Jason, father of Aahyah

Success Stories

This program came at the perfect time for me. During my hospital stay for the birth of Justin, I was going through a lot of emotional issues where I felt alone. I felt I had no one to talk to who would be neutral and just listen. Leonarda has been great. She’s listened and offered her assistance to me in anyway she could. She’s guided me into the right direction and helped me get my son into the Head Start Program and encouraged me to go back to school and stick with it, which I’ve been doing. Thanks for everything!

Jennifer, mother of Justin





Taught me so much about raising my kids and gave me a companion whenever I needed someone to talk to. My worker was always available when I had tough times and I was able to lean on Healthy Families to help me when I was having problems. I received the proper assistance and everything was kept confidential. Thanks for this great program and worker, Ms. Yomika rocks!

Chantlet, mother of Mario

Healthy Families has meant a lot to me. There have been many times when I was lost without a clue of where to get help or support for my child’s needs. My Healthy Families worker, Ms. Yomeka has been by my side at every turn to guide me on what to do to solve my problems. And for that I would like to thank her.

Octavia, mother of Arkia

It helped me learn how to take care of Azieh, he has Autism, and they helped with a lot of issues. Thank you for everything that you did and thanks for Anita, we love her, she is an angel and we will miss her very much.

Love and God Bless,

Ashley, mother of Azieh

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